Adding greens, mushrooms and grains to multiple shares

It’s been great to see everyone’s orders rolling in, not just for winter shares but for the summer and fall shares too!

Thank you to those of you who pointed out that our ordering system doesn’t seem to allow you to add options (like greens, mushrooms and grains) to your order for more than one season.
Since we’re offering 4% off any order over $800, now is a great time to add your greens, mushrooms and grains options to your summer and fall shares. There is a simple workaround for you to get those orders in – just log onto your account and add options for one season at a time. Here are detailed instructions:

  1. Sign into your account from our website

2. Next to Subscription, click Add 

3. Add a summer or fall share if you haven’t already done so, or hit Next to skip right to the Options page to add those greens, grains or mushrooms.

4. Here is where you can add any the options that you would like, one season at a time. Choose your options for the summer share, and complete the entire process, right through the the payment page.

5. For the fall share, repeat the process from the beginning.

If you qualify for a discount, send us a quick email and we will be sure to apply that to your entire 2019 order and let you know what your account balance is. Here are those discounts again:

  • 4%800 to get 4% off any purchase over $800, including winter and fall shares and options. 
  • 3%650 to get 3% off any purchase over $650, including winter and fall shares and options. 
  • 2%500 to get 2% off any purchase over $500, including winter and fall shares and options. 

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