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IMG_1804Our current Internship positions are now up on Goodworks. To see the specific details of this year’s internship, check it out here: Goodworks Listing

What’s it like to work at Roots and Shoots Farm?

Roots and Shoots has been in business since 2010. We are very proud to have built the entire business from ground up, without outside investment or support. We feel that this makes us one of the best examples of how small, organic farms can succeed in local markets.

We’re a highly dynamic team, and four of us gain our year round livelihood from the farm. Although the job involves working hard and working quickly, we pride ourselves on a fun and inclusive working environment.

About Roots and Shoots

  • Four year-round, full time farmers, plus 6 full time seasonal workers and interns.
  • Our year round staff have a combined 32 years farming experience!IMG_1684
  • Increased from 60 CSA shares to 350 in 6 years
  • Currently the biggest organic farm in the Ottawa/Gatineau Hills area
  • Biggest CSA in the Ottawa area
  • First farm to grow winter greens in the Ottawa area in unheated greenhouses
  • Won the Ontario Premiers award for innovation in agriculture based on our winter growing techniques
  • Always innovating with new types of growing systems – i.e. grafting tomatoes and peppers, spot organic fertilization, nutrient dense irrigation water, etc. . .
  • Roots and Shoots recently moved (2015) to an entirely new location near Wakefield, qc, where we now have 100 acres of open land, and many excellent buildings to grow our operation.

Why is Roots and Shoots a great learning envrionment:

  • IMG_1696Robin, who runs the intern education, holds a BSc in Agricultural Science, and has worked on farms in Montreal, Boston, and several in the Ottawa Area.
  • Jess grew up on an organic CSA farm and is a pioneer in organic flower growing in the Ottawa area.
  • Danny and Kielan are highly accomplished farmers, and are always willing to answer questions about the why’s and how’s of what we do.
  • The farm just moved to a bigger, more fertile location with much nicer buildings and infrastructure. It’s a great experience seeing a farm develop new tools and processes to take advantage of a new location.

What’s it like being an intern at Roots and Shoots?

  • We take time to introduce new tasks, and explain the reason behind why we do things.
  • Our sit-down education sessions have developed over the years into a full Roots and Shoots curriculum, with weekly readings, assignments, and access to our extensive (and excellent) library.
  • IMG_1675Interns are rewarded for becoming better farmers with more pay as the season progresses.
  • You’ll experience more autonomy as the season progresses.
  • Roots and Shoots has opportunities for paid employees every year, so there’s a good chance if you like working here, you’ll be able to come back with a raise!

What’s it like living in Masham or Wakefield?

  • After looking for our own farm for 6 years, we finally found our ‘dream farm’. We’re so looking forward to our first season on this Class One soil. Things we love about living here:
  • Gatineau Park! Thousands of kms of trails, lakes for swimming, camping spots, kayak and canoe rental. We are 3km from Lac Phillipe, super bikable after a hot day’s work!
  • Wakefield! It’s only 10km to this bustling, funky town full of cafes, pubs, restaurants, The Black Sheep Inn, and a good library. There’s lots of opportunity for musicians, crafters, yoga-ites, and lots of other disciplinarians to meet similar minded people if you’re living in the area for the summer.
  • The hills! It’s not just sparsely populated and natural, the topography is pretty intense, and going for a bike ride, hike or run is always interesting.

DSC07722If you’re interested in working at Roots and Shoots Farm this summer, please take a look at our Intern Posting and Employee Posting for the coming season. Employees require at least one year of experience prior to applying.