CSA vacations

Why Vacations (Delivery Holds)?

In the past, if you missed a pickup, you would simply lose that weeks delivery. You could send family or friends to come get it, but you would not have a way to recoup the cost of the missed share if no one got it for you. Now, if you place a hold on your deliveries at least 48 hours before the delivery, we will credit you back the cost of that share for future CSA subscriptions.

How does it work?

Log in to your account here. Once you’re logged in, there are four tabs at the top of the account. Click the tab titled ‘Delivery Hold’. You must enter a date range for when you will be away. If it is just one week, please enter a range covering the Wednesday and Thursday of that week. You can enter up to three Delivery Holds for the season.

How many Delivery Holds can I have? 

You can have as many holds as you like, for as long a period as you would like. However, Roots and Shoots will only credit your account for up to three missed deliveries.

What if I just forget to pick up my share? 

You have to place a hold at least 48 hours before the delivery takes place. After that, the system will not allow it, and we will still harvest and deliver your vegetables regardless. So if you forget to pick up, or can’t make it for whatever reason, we cannot credit your account.

How much is the refund?

Our CSA is based on rewarding our customers with a better price for signing up for the whole season with us. So we do not refund the entire amount for a delivery hold, as you will not be committing for the whole season. Here is the refund schedule:


Length of Vacation            Refund

1 week                                 $30

2 weeks                               $55

3 weeks                               $75


What can I do with my refund?

Refunds are only applied as a credit on the next year’s summer share. We will apply the credit to your account before we open subscriptions for the following year’s summer share

Other Alternatives

If you forget to place a delivery hold or can’t make your normal delivery day but still want to get veggies that week you do have some other alternatives:

  • You can send a friend or relative to pick up your share (please tell them to bring bags!);
  • You can move your delivery day from your on-line account e.g. if you normally pick up in the Glebe on Wednesday but can’t make it, you can move your pick up for that week to one of our delivery locations on Thursday.
  • You may be able to get your share from the market, however, if you send us an email.  We do not encourage this practice!