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New for 2022 CSA


Extended season with Low-carbon greenhouses  

In 2022 we  installed a a new hydro service to allow us to heat all of our greenhouses with 100% Quebec hydro. This was the single biggest source of carbon emissions on our farm, and the new electric heat  reduced our carbon footprint by over 50 tonnes!

For the fall share, it means we will have delicious , tender greens all the way to Christmas! 

Market-style pickups give maximum

choice of produce to the customer

In 2022, our harvest plan allows for each member to choose between different types of greens, greenhouse crops, herbs, roots, etc! Our market style pickup means picking up your CSA is fast. We Offer choice and include a "Trade-bin" to allow you to switch out anything you don't want! 


The best tasting veggies come from biodiverse farms!

We practice what we preach at Roots and Shoots - 60% of our entire farm is in cover crop every year, to renew and protect the soil, promote soil microbiology, and provide habitat for beneficial insects and fungi. In 2021 we planted 1300 fruit trees, shrubs and forest trees in strips between our veggie beds to provide habitat for birds and insects and provide wind shelter for our crops. Our living soils provide the best conditions for growing the most delicious and sweet-tasting crops, which will make your meal prep an absolute pleasure.


Home delivery available for
fall and winter shares, to Wakefield, Chelsea, Gatineau and Ottawa.

Zero plastic packaging

Not only are our veggies low-carbon, but the CSA is the most sustainable way to get your food! Our market style pickups not only give you the most choice possible, but they mean there is no packaging waste. Bring your own bag to pick up! We pack extra's in paper, whenever possible!  

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