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We hope you've been practicing your physical distancing, because we need everyone to be on their best Covid-19 behaviour this summer. Our CSA depends on it!


The area around our tent will be set up to promote physical distancing, and please always remember to stay two meters apart from one another and especially from our coordinators - they are volunteers who generously give their time every week, and it's critical that we keep them safe. CSA can't happen without them.


Here's how things will work:

Shares will be prepacked 

Coordinators will be equipped with masks, visors, and everything they need to keep their hands clean and sanitized, and they will prepack all of the shares in paper bags for you.

Maintain distance 

Line up behind the sign, two meters apart, using the cones on the ground as a guide.


Take your veggies 

When it's your turn, take a bag of veggies (they will all be identical) and if you've ordered extras from the online farm store, look for a second paper bag that is labelled with your name.


Wear a mask

To protect others at pickup, please wear a mask or face covering if possible for you.

Limit your number 

Please send the fewest people possible to pickup, and move away from the tent once you have your veggies. Note that some members may come with a support person or with children out of necessity not by choice, and trust that we're all doing our best.

Do not come if you have symptoms

Do not come if you have a fever, a cough, or trouble breathing. Send someone to pick up in your place, or log into your account and set a delivery hold. If you need to cancel on the day of the share, just email us right away. 

Forgotten shares

If you forget to pick up your share, your only option this year will be to pick it up at the farm (since we're not at Lansdowne market this year). Email us by Friday each week to make arrangements.


Text alerts

Since coordinators will have their hands full this year, they may not have time to call to remind you to pick up your share. Instead, we are planning to send text alerts to help you remember your pickup. If you would like to receive these, log into your account to make sure that we have an up to date cell phone number as your primary number.

Trade bin & Herbs

Due to popular demand, we have decided to offer a trade bin, since it’s completely optional to use. As always, it will be first come first serve, and please only swap out one item each week (unless you have an extreme situation like a severe allergy.) Herbs will also not be prepacked - you can choose them from a bin when you pick up your share. 

If done right, our CSA can be one of the safest ways of getting your veggies during covid. Thanks for doing everything possible to keep each other safe, and also for making neighbours and passerby feel comfortable that Roots and Shoots folks are a safe presence in their community. We will get through this!

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