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Member Contract

Roots and Shoots is committed to bringing the highest quality organic vegetables to its CSA customers. We pledge to provide 18 deliveries starting mid June, until mid October (9 for biweekly members) and 8 deliveries (4 for biweekly members) for the Fall and Winter Share. We will use all of our combined experience to mitigate any challenges presented by weather, insects, or plant disease.

Picking Up Your Veggies

You as the Shareholder, commit to picking up your vegetables from a pre-determined location each week. If you cannot make the set day and time, you are responsible to change your delivery location or take a vacation from your on-line account up to the 48 hours before your delivery day. Alternatively, you can also have someone else pick up your vegetables for that week. Due to the number of shareholders involved, the set pickup times and locations are not flexible.



Roots and Shoots Farm offers vacations to our members. The member can login to their Farmigo accounts and register to skip a delivery. Roots and Shoots will apply a credit for the missed weeks towards their future subscription. Roots and Shoots does not provide a credit if a member forgets their delivery or otherwise misses it. The share member must register a vacation at least 48 hours before taking the vacation.

Seasonal growing and eating

You as the Shareholder, commit to understanding the challenges of growing seasonal vegetables. If the forces of nature make certain crops less available, you will accept that with grace and understanding. We the farmers commit to working with a large variety of vegetables so as to minimize any potential effects of losing a crop or two. We commit to using our many years of experience, good techniques and equipment to provide you with the best quality of vegetables for the duration of the season.

Learning and Growing

You as the Shareholder, commit to reading all of the CSA information found on this website, to educate yourself about what being part of a CSA is like. We the farmers commit to providing you with information from the farm throughout the season through weekly newsletters. We commit to providing you with opportunities to visit the farm and take part in vegetable growing should you want to.


Building a Sustainable Food System

Together we commit to contributing to a more healthy, safe and sustainable food system that is locally-oriented, and that inspires community interaction around food. We, the farmers, look forward to getting to know you and enjoying the season together.

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