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About CSA


Community-supported agriculture is an intentional relationship between the folks who grow food and the folks who eat it.


A CSA share is more than a veggie delivery service. When you become a member of our community, we commit to using the most sustainable methods to produce the most delicious and good-for-you veggies, in return for a season-long commitment from you, our valued share member. 

This means you are guaranteed a bountiful supply of healthful, local, organic produce at a lower price than shopping at the farmers' market!


We grow over 50 varieties of fruits and veggies to create diverse and delicious boxes. Starting in the fall of 2022 we trialed  100% customizable boxes. They were a great success and we are continuing this program for our 2023 Winter, Summer and Fall shares. 

How it works: 

On Fridays, we create a "standard box" for everyone. Once you recieve the email with what's in your share you can log into yoru account and switch out anything in your box with whatever else we have loaded onto the online store. For example, if you don't want kale, you can trade it for another bunch of carrots. If you prefer eggplants, you can switch out your lettuce for a unit of eggplant. 

If you're busy and are totally fine with what we've put in your basket, that's great! Ignore our emails and simply go to your pickup to get your vegetables, like previous years! 


2021 Prices


SUMMER SHARES : Starts June 21st 2023

9 weeks (biweekly)  :  $42.50 per week

18 weeks (weekly)  :  $42.50 per week

Weekly Share
$765 (18 weeks)

Biweekly Share
$382.50 (9 weeks)

Add any or all of these extra subscriptions: 

+ GREENS SHARE (R&S) $6 / week

+ MUSHROOM SHARE from Le Coprin for $8.70 / week

+ EGGS SHARE from Beking Organic Eggs for $9/week 

Plus, as a member you can use our online store to order other farm goods to be delivered along with your share.






CSA Member for : 3 years


I’ve found the veggies always so fresh and tasty, its been fun learning to prepare some I’ve never tried before. Even the dog loves the kohlrabi.


CSA Member for : 2 years

Pick-up at Westboro is always fun. Danny is funny and always giving ideas of how to cook various veggies. It’s all delicious.


Sarah & Isla


CSA Member for : 4 years

Roots and Shoots is the best farm share we’ve ever tried. The variety and quart of vegetables is excellent.

CSA Member for : 2 years


We love the freshness & flavour of the veggies, Great to visit the farm to learn about and support local agriculture.




CSA Member for : 1 year

This is the fair year our family has participated in a CSA share and we love it. The CSA has enabled our family to increase its vegetable consumption significantly and this is directly due to the amazing taste and quality of the vegetables. We will definitely be bask next year.

CSA Member for : 3 years

I really do like tomatoes and Roots and Shoots grows yummy & juicy tomatoes. I eat them raw, in grilled cheese and in tomato sauce. Look at how bug this tomato is! I like them really big!


Marion & Hide

CSA Member for : 2 years

We look forward to our Roots and Shoots farm share every 2 weeks. It’s nice knowing where our delicious and nutritious veggies come from; as well as getting to meet the smiling faces that hemp to grow them. It has been an awesome way to learn and discover new foods.


CSA Member for : 1 Year


I started as a customer due to an oral allergy syndrome. Due to the fact that the veggies are so super fresh, I have not had any symptoms! I eat more veggies now then I ever have!

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