Welcome to our Community Shared Agriculture (CSA) program! We’re so excited that you’ve joined our farm this season. This members-only CSA page will help you understand exactly what you’ve signed up for and how our CSA program works.

Interested in becoming a member? Sales open Dec 1, 2021 for the 2022 year, and new members can join starting in January.


If you missed a pickup, please email us right away - within 24 hours - so that we can set aside your veggies for pickup here at the farm!

Delivery hold credits will automatically appear on your account as Farmigo credits, minus our 12% admin fee on subscriptions. (Delivery fees are 100% reimbursed.)

Changes to your account can be made during web store / member access hours. These hours begin on the Friday before your upcoming delivery at noon and close at midnight, two days before your share: 

  • If you get your share on Tuesdays, your account and the web store will close on Sunday at midnight.

  • If you get your share on Wednesdays, your account and the web store will close on Monday at midnight.

  • If you get your share on Thursdays, your account and the web store will close on Tuesday at midnight.

  • If you get your share on Fridays, your account and the web store will open on Friday at midnight and close on Wednesday at midnight


Updated: Placing a delivery hold

If you know in advance that you will not be able to make it to a pickup, you can schedule a delivery hold through your online Farmigo account. You can do this up to three times each season. As with all account changes, you need to place delivery holds before midnight, two days before your upcoming pickup. There is a delivery hold fee of 12% that will be charged to your online account. This fee covers the average cost of additional admin time that delivery holds require. The remaining value of your subscriptions will be available as Farmigo Credits on your account. and can be used towards a future subscription within one year, or in the online web store. Here is how to place a delivery hold:

  1. Log into your account here.
  2. Click on the Delivery Hold tab, and enter a start date and an end date that encompass the delivery date you will be missing.
  3. Click the green Save button.

Using your Farmigo account

Your Farmigo account is your online portal to everything Roots and Shoots. Up until 6am on the day before your delivery, the site is open for you to manage your pickups, place a web store order and update your account. Then shortly after 6am, the staff arrive at the farm and hit the fields to harvest your veggies! No further changes are possible after that point. Through your Farmigo account you can:

  • Cancel a pickup by scheduling a delivery hold
  • Change your pickup location, either permanently or temporarily
  • Access our online store to add other farm products to your upcoming veggie share
  • Add a subscription
You can also:
  • Update your address and contact information (addresses for members with home deliveries cannot be changed through your account!)
  • View your next delivery date
  • Check your account balance and transactions (Note: the mobile version of your Farmigo account offers limited detail. Any notes that we have added to transactions are viewable only on the desktop site.)
There are some things you cannot do through your online account. Email us to:
  • Schedule an extra delivery to make up for one that you have missed
  • Change your home delivery address
  • Let us know of any last minute changes. If you have missed your share, it's important to let us know right away! Your veggies will have been returned to the farm, but if they are not claimed within 24 hours and picked up here, they will be donated to a local food bank.
Check out your Farmigo account here.

Changing your pickup or delivery location

Log into your Farmigo to change your location at any time during the season. Since pickup locations happen on different days, this can also give you some scheduling flexibility. Changing your location is a permanent action that affects all future pickups, unless you log in to change your location back to the original spot. If you would like the change to be temporary, please set a reminder for yourself! Keep in mind that changing your location to a spot on a different delivery day may result in two shares being ordered for the same week - it's important to time the change carefully. Double check the date under Next Distribution to make sure all is as it should be, and if in doubt, send us a quick email to confirm. Changing your Home Delivery address Changes to your delivery address cannot happen through your online account. Please send us an email with one week's notice and we will confirm the change for you. While we'll do our best, we can't guarantee that we can accommodate delivery address changes.

Adding items through the online farm store

Through strong partnerships with other farms, we also offer premium local, organic add-ons like mushrooms, grains, corn chips, honey, maple syrup, meats, condiments, and more! This makes it easy to source local products without combing through the hundreds of labels at the grocery store. We have a working relationship with all of these farmers and will feature their amazing stories in our newsletters. These items can be ordered and paid for by logging into our Farmigo online store, and your items will be delivered to your next CSA pick up.

Staying informed: Emails and Newsletters

You'll be hearing a lot from us over the course of the season! Here is how a season's worth of communication flows from the farm:

  1. Everything There is to Know email: Typically sent in early June, this kickoff email confirms all of your pickup details and connects you with all the logistical information you'll need. Cleaning out your inbox? This one is a keeper.
  2. Welcome Page: This could be the only piece of paper you'll be receiving from us all year. Please keep it! Give it a place of honour on the refrigerator if you can. It has storage instructions, important reminders, and a calendar of all of our pickups - very handy if you ever need to reschedule your pickup.
  3. Share Contents emails (every week): At the beginning of each week, you will receive a list of the veggies we plan to harvest for your share, and a reminder to log into the web store to add any extras to your order before the web store closes.
  4. Pickup Reminders (on the day of your pickup): We'll jog your memory by sending a quick auto-alert by email on the day of your delivery.
  5. Farm Newsletters: Every other week, we write up tips and recipes from our staff and farmers to help you store and prepare your veggies to make the most of your basket. You will also have access to behind the scenes footage of what goes on at the farm and our work throughout the season.
Online community: Join our members-only facebook page to connect with other Roots and Shoots CSA members to share recipes, tips and inspiration. Follow the farm on Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date. No social media accounts? No problem - our public posts are up on our homepage for all to see.


If you're running late or cannot pick up your veggies

If it's too late to book a delivery hold in your account, the next best option is to have a friend or neighbour pick up your veggies for you. If you’re running late: Most of our volunteers have invited us to share their personal cell phone numbers with our members. So if you are going to be late for a pickup, try to reach your volunteer by text so that they can pack up your share and leave it behind for you. Depending on your pickup location, we can’t necessarily leave your share there indefinitely. If you are going to be more than a few minutes late, our driver will likely have to bring your veggies back to the farm when he cleans up the rest of our gear from pickup. (See ‘If you missed your share’ for what to do now.)

If you missed your share

Any items that have not been picked up will be brought back to the farm. Contact us no later than the day after your forgotten pickup to have us set aside your veggies for you to pick up at the farm during store hours. Any veggies that are not claimed within 24 hours of the pickup will be donated to a local food pantry. There are no credits or refunds for forgotten shares. Happily, forgotten shares are relatively rare. We send multiple reminder emails, and our coordinator will try to reach you if you haven’t picked up your share by the end of the pickup window. Take a moment to check that the phone number on your account is the best number to reach you.

How pickup locations work

We are gearing up for another season of physical distancing and hygiene practices to hopefully see us through to the other side of this pandemic. Here is how CSA pickups will look this year: Our Coordinators: We have a volunteer CSA coordinator at each of our pick-up locations. These amazing people are there to greet you, walk you through the pick-up and what’s available that week, offer tips on cooking, and clean up when it’s all done. We love our coordinators and we know you will too. Return to market style pickups! In 2020, our incredible volunteers hand-packed everyone's bag for them in order to minimize contact. With better understanding about how the virus spreads, this year we get to return to market style pickups! This means that you get to choose your own veggies and pack them yourselves, in your own reusable bag. BYO-bags Don’t forget to bring your bags, backpack or basket to carry your veggies home! We recommend two large, sturdy shopping totes. Please also bring an airtight container or bag to pack your bulk salad greens in as well. If you forget your bags and containers we will have some paper bags available. Here are the guidelines for picking up your veggies during Covid:

  • Pickup locations are all outdoors. Thank you, open air!
  • Wear a mask: Please wear a mask, and wear it properly, covering your nose and chin. If you cannot wear a mask, please let us know in advance so that we can find a way to accommodate.
  • Maintain distance: When you arrive at your location, line up behind the pylon, two meters apart, using the cones on the ground as a guide.
  • Choose your veggies: The quantities to take will be labeled on each bin. If you've ordered extras from our online farm store, please remember to take them!
  • If you have symptoms: Please follow instructions from you local public health authority, whether in Ontario or Quebec. If your online self-assessment recommends getting a covid test or self-isolating, please do not come to pickup your veggies. Send someone to pick up in your place, or log into your account and set a delivery hold. If you need to cancel at the last minute due to covid symptoms, email us right away.
If you bring children or others to pickup with you, please be sure they also follow the guidelines above. Express pickups If you're in a hurry or want to minimize contact as much as possible, your coordinator will try to have one or two bags pre-packed. Don't forget to give your volunteer your name and take your extras before you leave!

Trade bin and choice of items

The veggies in your share will be selected by us each week, and this is an important part of the CSA relationship. However, there are a couple of ways we can help you get more of the veggies you like the best:

  • Choice between two items: At times we will send certain veggies as a choice between one item and another similar item. So you'll have your choice between chard or kale, hakurei turnips or red radish, etc.
  • Trade bin: Each week we send an extra bin filled with a variety of veggies. Each member can swap out one item a week.

Storing your veggies

If possible, take some time when you get home to put away your veggies properly - they will thank you for it by maintaining their freshness for days longer than they would have if they were stuck in the fridge to fend for themselves. If your greens are looking a little limp straight out of the bag, it's definitely possible to return them to their picked-yesterday freshness. Cover them with cool water and give them ten minutes or so to perk up while you address the other contents of your share: Most vegetables appreciate being stored in an airtight container or bag in the fridge, though tomatoes should never go in the fridge, and potatoes, garlic and dry onions need to be stored in a cool dark cabinet with some airflow. See your refrigerator poster for storage information and stay tuned for a new webpage about making the most of your share.

How home deliveries work

Confirm your delivery address: Please make sure that the home delivery address in our system is the one we should deliver to, and please leave out unit numbers. Add buzzer numbers, unit numbers and other details to the instructions field. Get those veggies inside! We provide a delivery window each week with live-tracking of your delivery, so you can bring your veggies inside as soon as they arrive. If you won't be home at the time of delivery, please leave a cooler or direct us to a protected spot to leave your box. Our boxes are 17" x 11" x 8.5". Apartment buildings and condos: Please make sure we can drop off your veggies at the entrance - due to Covid-19 our delivery driver won't be able to bring veggies inside to your unit.


The CSA Relationship

The idea behind the CSA is that you are commissioning us to grow delicious, nutrient dense, fresh organic vegetables for you. Fun Fact! Did you know that the first “CSA” actually started in Japan in the 1960’s? They called it “Seikyou”, which is a shorter form of “Seikatsu Kyoodo Kumiai”, which means Living in Community Union. A group of Japanese mothers, horrified at the increasing levels of mercury in milk, approached a farmer and proposed the idea of pre-buying his product in return for the guarantee that he used safe farming and growing methods. The farmer was happy as he got a better return for his efforts, compared to selling it on the market. The women were happy as they got safe milk and ended up getting more for their money. These women essentially cut out the middle-men and created a meaningful connection with their food. This alternative socioeconomic model was picked up in North America in the 1980s. It took a slightly different spin as it was mostly applied to vegetable farms and put more emphasis on the connection between farmer and consumer. But the idea was and remains the same: create a meaningful connection with your food and between consumer and farmer. By signing up for a Roots and Shoots Farm CSA share, you are guaranteeing that we, the farmers, get a fair price for our product. This allows us to promise you that we will use safe, certified organic methods to grow the most nutrient dense produce we can. We also offer you education about growing, cooking and consuming vegetables. It also means that we pick fresh just for you! We promise to do everything in our power to give you a huge basket of beautiful veggies to sustain you through the season, and as a member of the farm, you agree to support us through any unforeseen issues that may arise throughout the year. We don’t ask you to sign a contract, because this is a business and we do strive to offer a really excellent product for your hard-earned money. We do take many measures to mitigate crop failure and ultimately want you to have the best healthy eating experience possible! We do thank you for joining us in this season and learning more about the intricacies of growing food! What about crop failure? We have many tricks up our sleeves to cheat early frosts and late springs. However, Mother Nature can be unpredictable and sometimes things just happen. We do our very best to offer a huge range of veggies, but sometimes there may be a failure. i.e.: maybe the lettuce gets eaten by a flock of flamingos in the middle of the night and so you will not get lettuce for one to three weeks. OR, more realistically, the pest pressure could be really bad on say, eggplant, and we can’t harvest any that don’t have a big ol’ bug bite out of it. We are still going to send you these bitten eggplants with a big apology newsletter explaining why there is a bug bite, and how it is still OK to eat, and thanking you for understanding. Market vs. CSA Our CSA accounts for 70% of our gross revenue. Though we will not be going to farmers markets in 2020, we will still be selling some veggies wholesale and through our on-farm store. We like to have these other sales channels so we can grow extra for the share. Growing extra gives us a buffer for the CSA boxes; if there is 20% crop failure, our wholesale and farm store will suffer, but we still have enough for the shares. If we based our whole plan on CSA we would not as easily be able to offer the variety we do. Keep in mind that if you come to our farm store and see something we are selling, but you did not get in the share that week, it is only because we did not have enough of that item to share among all the CSA members. For instance, when the beans first start producing, there would only be enough for 50 members. So, we wait until there’s enough for everyone and sell the smaller flushes through other channels first.

Ecocert Organic Certification

In 2012, Roots and Shoots Farm attained certified organic status through EcoCert Canada and has maintained it annually ever since. In Canada, all certifiers have to meet the National Organic Standards established in 2009. Although we meet almost every one of our customers face to face on a weekly basis, and despite the fact that any one of our customers is welcome to visit the farm to see how we grow, we still feel it is very important to support the organic standards by becoming certified ourselves. This is because Certified Organic means so much more than just what the consumer sees when buying the product. Certified Organic farms are required to not only keep extremely accurate record keeping of everything that comes in and goes out of the farm, but also ensures that we follow strict standards about:

  • Following a sensible, planned, multi-year rotation to break insect and disease cycles on the farm
  • Following a composting regime complete with daily temperature recording
  • Limiting the amounts of manure brought in from other farms
  • Encouraging the integration of animals to make the farm self sufficient
  • Using cover crops every year in every field to build organic matter and fertility
  • Using only substances on the “Permitted Substances List”, which prohibits any synthetic chemicals, fertilizers or pesticides on the farm
  • Recording every seed purchase, buying only certified organic seed, and showing proof that organic seed was adequately sought out if it was not available, and never using treated or genetically modified seed
  • Protecting waterways and wetlands from farm runoff
  • Requiring that animals have access to free ranging space that is out of doors
In the end, there are many aspects to Certified Organic that are not obvious from reading a label on a Certified Organic product. Certified Organic protects not only the health of the consumer, but also the health of the farmer, the ecosystems that produce the food, the waterways on the farm, and the biodiversity of the farm. It is for this reason that Roots and Shoots Farm supports and adheres to Certified Organic standards.

What to expect in your share

We grow a huge variety of vegetables to keep your plates interesting all season long. We have many years of experience in the field and in the kitchen, and have developed a good understanding of how to grow with the end goal of delicious, seasonal meals. We are also continually investing in season extension tools so we can stretch our seasons out and offer a diverse amount of veggies all year long. Week-by-week We organize our boxes every week according to what is ready in the field. We start this plan in the dead of winter and start implementing it in March. When planning for the boxes we think about what it takes to put together a meal for a family. We include onions and garlic, salad ingredients, and more substantial vegetables for sustenance.
Value of the share We aim to give you 10%-15% more than what you pay, based on our market prices. Because of the nature of farming, this means you will get a lighter basket in the spring and a more substantial basket as the season goes on. We keep track and make sure you get your money’s worth. Consistency We strive for transparency and fairness in everything we do. With some crops, we harvest just enough each week for some of our pickup locations and not others. We keep track and make sure that each pickup location gets equivalent value.


Thank you, for signing up for this share and continuing this amazing movement! You are not only supporting local farmers, you are guaranteeing that your food is grown with the environment and your health in mind.