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Customizing your fall veggie share


1. Log into your account:

The first thing you see is a summary of your account. None of this is relevant right now, click the x to escape.

The value of your order will be debited from your account balance. 


To manage your balance:

When you signed up for your share, we asked everyone to pay $35 up front for each veggie box. If the value of your store order is more then $35 one week (or every week!) you could run out of funds before the end of the season (this doesn't apply to those who have extra credit on their account). There are two ways to keep your account topped up:

  • Send an e-transfer for the difference to This will keep your account topped up at all times and is what we recommend.

  • Wait for an auto-alert from us that lets you know when your balance hits $0. To make sure we don't deliver veggies where they aren't wanted, we will only deliver to you if you have the funds in your account to cover the order. 

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