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Veggie Storage

Store in the refrigerator :

All other veggies, including green garlic and
fresh/green onions need to be stored in a sealed
bag or container in the refrigerator.


Peppers, Zucchini,

Cucumbers, Eggplant : 

Refrigerate, unwashed, in a plastic bag / air tight container in the vegetable drawer. Keep them dry, as moisture will eventually cause them to rot. 


Root veggies with their greens : bunched carrots, radishes, and beets

Remove the greens, dry and store separately in a sealed container or bag.

P6100137 (1).JPG

Leafy greens and herbs (except basil) :

Greens that come in a paper bag need to be transferred to a plastic container/bag and put in the fridge. If your leafy greens are looking limp once you get home, refresh them by plunging them in a bowl of cool water for ten minutes. Then spin or shake them dry and store in a sealed container or bag in the fridge with a kitchen towel.

Store on the counter or in the cabinet :
IMG_9841 2_edited.jpg

Tomatoes :

Do not refrigerate. Keep in a cool place with airflow, upside down (stem side down) on the counter, and eat quickly !


Dry Garlic, Onions, Potatoes & Squash :

Store in a cool dark place with good airflow, like a drawer, cabinet or in a paper bag.

CSA Farm Tour-7.jpg

Basil :

Store at room temperature, unwashed, in a vase or glass of water. Should be used quickly!

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