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CSA Contract

Roots and Shoots is committed to bringing the highest quality organic vegetables to its CSA customers. We will use all of our combined experience to mitigate any challenges presented by weather, insects, or plant disease.

You, as the Shareholder, commit to picking up your vegetables from the same, pre-determined location each week. If you cannot make the set day and time, you are responsible to either have someone else pick up your vegetables for that week, or to lose your share for that week. We strive to provide more flexibility (picking up the day after, at the farm store, etc), and we ask that you understand that this may be dependant on the ability and willingness of the particular host and pickup location. You are able to change your pickup location up to the Sunday before the delivery in question at any time through your online account. 

We, as the farmers, commit to providing as much flexibility to the CSA deliveries as possible, through: 

  • Share customization through our online portal

  • Farmstore add-ons through our online portal

  • Unlimited Vacations available through our online portal

  • Share options like bread, mushrooms, flowers, eggs, greens, etc. 

  • Heated greenhouses to provide more variety early and later in the season

You as the Shareholder, commit to understanding the challenges of growing seasonal  vegetables. If the forces of nature make certain crops less available, you will accept that with grace and understanding. We, the farmers, commit to working with a large variety of vegetables so as to minimize any potential effects of losing a crop or two. We commit to using our many years of experience, good techniques and equipment to provide you with the best quality of vegetables for the duration of the season.

We as the farmers commit to being as transparent as possible about the value of veggies that you are getting and providing a summary at the end of the year that shows the benefit to you of committing to the CSA. We commit to doing our best to ensure that the value of the share is higher than the amount you pay, while recognizing that the CSA allows for flexibility in this regard during difficult seasons. The farm, to date, has provided added value to our CSA members every year since inception. 

We ask that you as the shareholder understand that we work with the best tools available to manage your accounts and the financial aspects of the CSA. At the same time, the services available to us (Farmigo, etc) are very limited , and may be confusing to understand sometimes. We commit to helping you understand your account and your balance and what you owe at any time during the season. We also ask that you trust that despite these systems being confusing, that the system is quite complex, and we have yet to find a circumstance where the system was wrong. 

You, as the Shareholder, commit to reading all of the CSA information found on this website, to educate yourself about what being part of a CSA is like. We the farmers commit to providing you with information from the farm throughout the season through weekly newsletters. We commit to providing you with opportunities to visit the farm and take part in vegetable growing should you want to.

We as the farmers commit to farming in the most sustainable manner possible. We commit not only to certified organic production practices, but also going a step further to mitigate our production of greenhouse gasses through electrification of our equipment and heating systems. We commit to re-foresting our century farm to provide habitat for birds and pollinators and further fix carbon. We commit to using cover cropping and green manures to further encourage carbon fixation and healthy soils. 

Together we commit to contributing to a more healthy, safe and sustainable food system that is locally-oriented, and that inspires community interaction around food. We, the farmers, look forward to getting to know you and enjoying the season together.

Cancellation Policy, Refunds and Season Credits

Until March 1st of each year, you can receive a full refund minus $5 for e-transfer or minus 4% for credit card for that year's subscriptions. 

Up to the date the subscription being cancelled, we will provide a full refund minus 5% for e-transfers or 11% for credit card refunds. 

After the subscription has started, we provide a refund minus 8% for e-transfers or 12% for credit cards. This rate applies to end of year credits. 

We will always transfer 100% of your credit to the following season to be used towards shares or options. This credit can be used in any subsequent season, as long as we maintain the same system (Farmigo). 

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