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Signup for a flower share! We will be harvesting "market" bunches  for our flower share members. You will recieve a 3-5 of bunches of  what is ready and you can arrange them how you like!

Flower shares are available for pickup at our vegetable share pickup locations (see link for more details).  You do not need to have a vegetable share to have a flower share 

$20/week for Veggie CSA members

$22/week for non members


We have been growing cut flowers for the past 14 seasons. Over the years we have perfected our list of cuts to what is the most beautiful and long lasting. We harvest our premium blooms in the morning, before the heat and, after conditioning the stems, we store them at the optimal temperature in our coldrooms in order to lengthen vase life. 


Rather than offering a mixed bouquet we are offering our share members 3-5  "market bunches." For example, One week you may get a bunch of 6 zinnias, 3 peonies, a bunch of cynoglossom (forget-me-knots) and 6 snapdragons. You can arrange them in a vase together or keep them separate. 

By offering market bunches we save time on the farm and can offer you more stems for your money. 

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