Community-supported agriculture is an intentional relationship between the folks who grow food and the folks who eat it.


A CSA share is more than a veggie delivery service. When you become a member of our community, we commit to using the most sustainable methods to produce the most delicious and good-for-you veggies, in return for a season-long commitment from you, our valued share member. 

This means you are guaranteed a bountiful supply of healthful, local, organic produce at a lower price than shopping at the farmers' market!


What exactly does a season of veggies look like? Last year we teamed up with local blog Cookery Nation to walk our customers through unpacking each week's delivery, with videos, recipes, storage tips and more. 

Visit the Cookery Nation blog to see exactly what our customers were offered in 2018!


Please note that the actual veggies sent home with each customer was sometimes one or two items less than what is pictured, because customers were offered a choice between two items. For example, on a week that shows cauliflower and broccoli, customers were asked to choose one or the other.



WINTER SHARE 2021 $160 + delivery

Four biweekly deliveries in Feb and March 2021. 


Full: 18 weekly pickups June - Oct  $648

Half: 9 biweekly pickups June - Oct  $360

FALL SHARE 2021 $160 + delivery

Four biweekly deliveries Oct-Dec 

Add any or all of these extra subscriptions: 

+ EXTRA GREENS $5.5/week

+ EGGS $7.50/week

+ MUSHROOM SHARE from Le Coprin $8.25/week

+ GRAIN SHARE from Against the Grain $14/week

Plus, as a member you can use our online store to order other farm goods to be delivered along with your share.


Since you're are committing to buying a season’s worth of produce at the beginning of the season, we aim to discount the price of the vegetables 20% from our market prices for the full shares, and 10% for the half shares. We track this over the course of each season and report back for full transparency.



Marion & Hide, members for 8 years

Why they love us >

We look forward to our farm share every week! It's nice knowing where our veggies come from, as well as getting to meet the smiling faces that help to grow them.

Fav veggie this year: Carrots and hot peppers

Bonnie, member for 7 years

Why they love us >

Pickup at Westboro is always fun. Danny is funny and always giving ideas for how to cook the various veggies. It's all delicious!

Fav veggie this year: Delicata Squash

Saer, member for 3 years

Why they love us >

I really like tomatoes and Roots and Shoots grow yummy and juicy tomatoes. I eat them raw, in grilled cheese and in tomato sauce. Look at how big this tomato is! I like them really big!

Fav veggie this year: Tomatoes

Celine, member for 4 years

Why they love us >

It's all good! Love how it's so fresh you can still hear the veggies grow, lol!​ Seriously, the smell, texture and taste is the best. Wish the season lasted all year!

Fav veggie this year: Purple potatoes

Darlene & Len, members for 5 years

Why they love us >

Getting fresh organic vegetables every week was one of the best decisions we've made. Fresh from the farm have more flavour than store bought and healthier!


Fav veggie this year: Squash

Janet, member for 6 years

Why they love us >

The herbs and veggies are fresher than you can find in-store and seeing neighbours and swapping recipes is fun...and yum.

Fav veggie this year: Garlic

Zoe, member for 5 years

Why they love us >

I've found the veggies always so fresh and tasty - it's been fun learning to prepare some I've never tried before. Even the dog loves the kohlrabi. 

Fav veggie this year: Kale

Tracey, member for 6 years

Why they love us >

I started as a customer due to an oral allergy syndrome. Due to the fact that the veggies are so super fresh, I have not had any symptoms! I eat more veggies now than I ever have!

Fav veggie this year: Carrots, because my son loves them!

Matthew, member for 4 years

Why they love us >

Roots and Shoots is the best farm share we've ever tried. The variety and quality of vegetables is excellent.

Fav veggie this year: Carrots