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The Farm Family :
Robin, Florian, Fiona and Jess


Our Story

Robin and Jess started Roots and Shoots Farm in 2010, on rented land in Manotick Station. We bought the Nesbit farm in La Peche Quebec in the fall of 2015.  We now  have two amazing kids, Fiona and Florian (born in 2017 and 2021) . 

We are nothing without our Team!!

 Since day one we have had an amazing crew of people join us on this journey  The infamous and beloved Danny Beswick help break ground in 2010 and stayed with us as a co-manager until 2018. Kielan Way has been working on and off for us since 2012. Tim Robinson , our current Farm manager, joined us in 2016.   


Kat , Matt, Theo and Andrea have joined us in the past couple years and have become indispensable  members of our team. We've had so many other amazing people work with us over the years. All curious and passionate about growing delicious food and protecting the environment. Some stay for a season, some stay for a few, but they have all been essential to growing your food! Read more about our current team below!! 

Volunteers/work trades

In addition to our farm crew, we also have an incredible team of CSA coordinators who are the face of the farm at our satellite CSA sites. We have also had countless volunteers come through to help with everything from planting trees to harvesting onions. We love and appreciate all of you!!

Since day one our mission has been to grow nutrient dense, delicious food in a way that is safe for the environment and the eater.  To ensure we do that we have been certified organic since 2010. Read more about why we think organic is important : WHY ORGANIC?


We have also loved connecting with the community of eaters. We want people who eat our food to see our farm as their own! 

Our Team

Our Team


Co-owner & Farm Manager

Robin spent his twenties travelling in Asia and teaching English before finally deciding to return to University to study environmental science.

While at UBC he was forcefully exposed to core agriculture curriculum, which made him realize that food is the main way humanity explores its connection with the natural environment. He got a job on a farm that summer. Two years after that he got his first taste of organic vegetable farming, and has never looked back.

Robin has worked on and managed organic vegetable farms in Montreal, Boston, and Ottawa since 2004. He holds a degree in Sustainable Agriculture from the University of British Columbia.



Crew Leader, Tractor, Construction & Mechanic, Farmer

Tim does everything! 

With a background in building green roofs in Toronto and working on various farm, he joined our team in 2015 and  quickly became essential! He fixes equipment, manages our crew, does the crop planning, harvests,  moves a lot of row cover and so much more!

He has two adorable kids and another on the way wth his wife Carla. In his spare time (which isn't much) he loves to run and ski! 

Tuesday Aug. 14_-28.jpg


Co-owner & Farm Manager

Kat Spilka

Farm store and Events Manager, Farmer 

Kat began woofing on farms way back in 2014. She quickly realized she had a passion for growing good food in a way that was healthy for the earth and began seeking jobs on farms. 

She graduated from  Concordia University in 2018 with a BA Specialization in the Human Environment Program with a minor in Sustainability.

She also does advocacy for farm workers. 


She joined Roots and Shoots farm in 2021 and we are so happy! She is friendly and knowledgeable and probably the lovely person you will talk with when visiting our farm store!

Jess has been farming for her entire life. Driving tractors, plucking chickens, and showing cows were part of a rich, rural childhood that established an appreciation for fresh air, bare feet and close food. 


Jess floats around the farm, helping  out and filling in where needed, supporting the awesome farm managers that have taken over the majority of daily management tasks.


She also finds time to occasionally paint. Check our her art here: Jess' art. 

Jessica graduated from St. Stephen’s University in 2008 with a degree in History and Literature.


Colleen Ross

Kitchen and TransformationManager 

Colleen farmed for 30 years in both Australia and Canada. She's also worked in farm advocacy for many years, working with organizations like the NFU CAnada, VIa Campesna and the NDP in  BC. She was also a city councellor for a term in Grand Fork's BC! 

She is now semi retired but likes to keep busy. She works hard in the summer to transform our extra or "second' harvest into delicious and nutritious meals and ferments. 

In her spare time she loves to  kayak and ski an has recently found a passion for pickle ball, a sport that keeps her active when she can't ski or kayak. 
(Colleen is Jess' Mom)


Matt Tamblyn

Delivery Driver and Farmer

Matt quickly became an invaluable member of our team when he started here in 2021.  He is our stalwart delivery driver three days a week, a challenging and essential part of the operation.   He also helps out  with various tasks like  driving the tractor, planting and weeding, and washing vegetables,    


In his free time he  loves to DJ,  ride his bike and paint whimsical birds.


Theo Mallet

Theo started wiht us in 2021.. His favourite job is washing bins, a critical job on the farm. He also helps out with harvest, rowcover, weeding, mowing the lawn and anything else that needs getting done. 

In his spare time he crosscontry skiis competively. In 2023 he  represented Haiti  at worlds! 



Tractor operator and mechanic

coming soon !

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