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Customizing your weekly CSA order

You can customize your weekly or biweekly delivery through the online store found here.

When you log into the store, you have a choice between STORE and CART views (on mobile) or you can see both at the same time on a computer. The STORE view shows you everything available that week. If an item is already in your account, there will be a number either next to or below the item. If there is no number next to the item, it is not in your cart. To add an item, simply press the "+" button next to it. (Some items will not allow you to add extra of them to your cart, because the inventory is used up. You can always check back later to see if another member may have removed it from their cart, which would make it available for yours!)

Make sure that your "Item" column in the top right says 0 when you're done ordering. If it says a positive number, you've got credits left in your account you can use up. If there's a dollar amount in the "Checkout," it means you've gone over the number of credits set for that week. That's fine, it will simply charge that amount ($3 per credit used) to your balance once the order is delivered. 

Adding extra items to your order

You can add extra items to your order if you like. The amount will be deducted from your balance on the day of the delivery. 

How your online account works - main page

Log into your online account to do all sorts of useful things: 

  • See your balance

  • Edit your contact info

  • Place a delivery hold

  • See your pickup directions

  • Manage your payment plan and credit card info

  • See all the history of credits and debits on your account

  • See all the orders you've made and received

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How much should I send? (Full payment by Check or e-transfer)

If you choose payment by cheque or e-transfer, the system calculates what you would owe if you take no vacations or add any online store orders. This amount is displayed in your account, and in the email you get from us. You can send an e-transfer (preferably) or cheque for that amount. Check out the account graphic below and for more info on how your balance works, click here! 


CSA Schedules

Deliveries are on Wednesday or Thursday depending on the pickup location. For a full list of pickup locations and times please refer to the "Join" page here. 


Summer CSA starts week of June 12th (Weekly and Biweekly A Schedule) or week of June 19th (Biweekly B Schedule) ​

Summer CSA ends the week of October 17th (Biweekly A) or week of October 24th (Weekly and Biweekly B) 

Fall CSA starts the week of October 31st (Weekly and Biweekly A Schedules) or week of November 6th (Biweekly B Schedule). 

Fall CSA ends the week of December 12th (Biweekly A) or week of December 19th (Weekly and Biweekly B)

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CSA Vacations

If you (for any reason) can't pick up your vegetables, you can set a vacation hold for any given week, and for as many weeks as you like. 

When your vacation hold week arrives, your veggies will not be packed and sent out, and your account will not be charged for that week. There is no fee for having a vacation hold. 

Important: you must place your hold latest by the Sunday before the delivery in question. 

Switching Schedules (Biweekly)

Are you on Schedule 'A' but you realize Schedule 'B' would work much better? Simply send us an email and we can switch your schedule. Make sure to let us know on the Sunday before you want to make the change, at the latest. 

Add a basket in your off-week: If you'd like to "make up" for a missed basket (after a delivery hold, for example), let us know and we can add a "one-time" delivery to you on your off week. In fact, any time you'd like to add an extra delivery when you wouldn't normally receive one, let us know and we will arrange it! 

Changing your Pickup Location

You can change your pickup location anytime up to the Sunday before the delivery occurs. Once you change it, it will remain at the new location until you change it back. The best way to see all the delivery locations and their days and hours is to look on the CSA Join Page here

Adding a Subscription or Option

If you'd like to add a subscription or option to your delivery after you've already signed up, you can do it right from your account. Simply click on the "Add" button next to the Subscription heading (see below), select the shares and options you'd like to add, and press "Next" to confirm payment. Depending on your payment plan, you may have to send an e-transfer, and the system will tell you the total. 


How do we charge for online orders? 

When you make an extra farmstore order (above and beyond the regular veggie share), the system does not charge you for that order right away. It simply uses your existing balance to pay for that order, which results in you being charged a little sooner than if you hadn't made that purchase. 

The reason for this is so that you don't HAVE to have a credit card in the system if you want to buy extra items. Farmigo requires the farmer to choose how our customers pay for both subscriptions and add-on orders. If we chose to charge your credit card immediately for your online orders, you would have to have a credit card in the system, and not everyone wants to or is willing to do that. 

CSA Balance and Accounting:

Our CSA uses a running balance system. At the beginning of the year, after your first payment, you have a positive balance. Each time you get a delivery, the system deducts the cost of that delivery (minus any discounts) from your balance.


When you sign up, the amount you are asked to pay is for the veggie share and options, but with no vacations or farmstore orders. So if you don't take any vacations or add any farmstore items, your balance will cover you until the end of the share.


​If you take a vacation, the system does not charge you for the delivery you missed. In that case your balance stays the same. If you take one vacation and don't order anything extra or add any other subscriptions, you will end up with a credit at the end of the season, which you can use towards future subscriptions, or in the farm store. 

Why do I have a credit (or a debit) at the end of the season? 

Our CSA works on a running balance system. It's like having a pre-paid tab at a restaurant. The cost of the CSA (like all CSA's historically) is based on how much you commit to at the beginning of the season. We give discounts based on how much our members commit to purchasing at the beginning of the year. But over the years, we have added a tonne of flexibility to our CSA, where there was previously none. You can now take vacations (where you're not charged), add farmstore items or subscriptions mid-season, and cancel subscriptions or options mid-season. 

This means that the original price you are given at the beginning is totally accurate only if you never take a vacation, or add any items through the farmstore, or change your subscription after signing up. 

Most of our members, though (almost all of you) will either take a vacation or add a subscription mid-season (or before the summer season, but after you've signed up), or add some farmstore item to one of your orders, which will result in some kind of debit or credit at the end of the season. 

For the most part, this usually results in a credit, which we are happy to transfer over the next season. Again, the amount of discount you receive is based on how much you commit to receiving at the beginning, so it makes sense that the credit should be transferred to the following season and not just reimbursed. This is very much in accordance with how CSA's have always worked. 

If you are ever confused about why your balance is a given amount, please reach out (after reading all the info in this FAQ), we are happy to help you figure it out. 

A checklist of questions to ask if your balance does not make sense: 

  • Did you add any subscriptions or options AFTER signing up (like email to ask for an added eggs share), for example? 

  • Did you take any vacations along the way? 

  • Did you make any farmstore purchases along the way? 

If after looking at your account history you can't figure out why your balance is the way it is, please get in touch and we're happy to help

How to customize your delivery

You'll receive an email on the Friday morning before your delivery week, with the information about what is in the next week's delivery. Anytime after you receive the email, you can log into your Farmigo account and subtract and add items from your delivery to make a box that is more agreeable to you! As long as the number of credits is the same or less than what was set for that week, you will not be charged anything extra. If you want to add more items, you will be charged a set amount per credit added, which will show in your account. Remember to save your basket when you're done modifying it, so that the changes take effect. You will receive an email to confirm your order when your order has been processed. 

About Credit Card Payments

In order to avoid paying credit card fees, we encourage our customers to pay by Interac transfer. However, we recognize that paying more frequently by credit card makes the CSA more accessible to more people. So we introduced "monthly credit card payments" in 2023. 

If you select Credit Card Payment, your card will be charged when you sign up for the first four deliveries. If you sign up for a share with only four deliveries (like a fall or winter biweekly share) you will be charged the entire amount when you sign up. 

Otherwise, your card will only be charged when your balance drops below the value of your next delivery. If your balance drops below the value of your next delivery, your card will be charged for the next 4 deliveries. 

This turns out to be close to monthly when you have a weekly share. When you have a biweekly share, the system charges you approximately every 8 weeks

What can change how often my credit card is charged? 

Because the system only charges you when you drop below the balance required to pay for the next delivery, a few things can change how often you are charged. If you take a vacation hold, for example, you will not be charged for that week. As such, the date of your next payment will also be pushed back by one week. 

If you add online farmstore items to your delivery, that will cause your balance to go down quicker than previously, and you will end up being charged a little sooner than if you had not added items. 

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