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Why work for Roots and Shoots Farm






















we foster a management team that works year-round, with a living wage salary, vacation, sick days, and equipment allowances. Of course this is something to work towards over time, but if you are committed to becoming an experienced farmer with us, this is a place that you can work long-term. 


This means that we recognize hard word and long term commitment with pay bumps and management responsibilities. At the same time our team is small enough that we keep it fun and you’re always working with other managers or the owners. 


This also means that we want to help you grow into your role, and expand your abilities while working here. Our staff have been paid in the past to attend conferences, take part in local non-profits, and even take courses. Some of our staff work directly with our agronomists. 


Again this is not what happens right away when you start working at Roots and Shoots Farm. It’s something you can work towards. But if you feel you can make a real impact and carve out a niche for yourself, we will help you get there in any way we can! 













What’s it like to work here?


We work regular hours, and all staff stick to 5-day work weeks. We are lovers of the outdoors, and there is so much opportunity to take part in outdoor sports, hiking, swimming, walking, and general nature appreciation while working here. 


From our farm, there are 3 Gatineau Park parking lots within a 7 minute drive (P17, P19 and P20). There are two three epic beaches, and the Gatineau River, all within 15 minutes. Wakefield is teeming with cafés, pubs and restaurants, and the community and social life you can enjoy here does not lack. 


Here are the positions we’re hiring for: 

Delivery Driver (Filled)



We're looking for a local person to deliver boxes to various places in Ottawa. Must be a confident driver with clean driving record.Must be able to lift up to 40lbs. Deliveries are Wednesdays. 

Hours depend on candidate's preference We definitely need a driver for Wednesday but also have Thursday as an option

Flower Farmer Position (filled)

20Hrs/week from May-September. 

$16.50/hr during training

We’re looking for someone with quick hands and a passion for working outside.

Previous flower or vegetable farming experience is an asset, but not necessary if you can show that you are dexterous, observant and have a positive attitude!


The candidate must be able to start early: 7am in May, August & September, 5am in June and July. 


We grow a half acre of peonies and another ¼ acre of cut flowers for upick and wholesale. We are looking for help with maintaining perennial crops, planting and caring for annual crops, harvesting and bouquet making. Other tasks include washing buckets, pest and disease management, weeding and delivery. 


If the candidate is looking for full time employment, we can offer 20 Hrs of vegetable field work. 

Pack Manager

$17-$22hr, depending on experience. 

20-40hours/week, depending on candidates preference.


We’re looking for an organized person to help with packing  our weekly baskets. Tasks include printing out packsheets, managing inventory, packing vegetables, following deadlines, cleaning and organizing, and some light administrative tasks. 


We prefer if the candidate can help with harvest as well.  We think this allows for better team coherence and adaptation to the position. Also more fun!


Field workers

$15.25-17/hour, depending on experiene


The best part of the farm: the Field! 

It’s tough, it’s extreme, but it’s great fun and really rewarding!  

The most beautiful mornings you can find while getting paid! 


We are looking for people who want to get dirty! This job includes moving heavy stuff, planting, harvesting, weeding. It can be fast paced, but also tedious, but we do our best to make the tedious part fun! Music, popsicles, coffee breaks.. But sometimes you will be weeding for a whole morning ;). 


The farm is a great balance of physical work, time to meditate on your thoughts and time to socialize with your fellow farm workers.. As long as you’re still moving!


If you’re interested in trying a unique job and are confident you can work physically in the cold and heat, this could be the job for you! 


This is an entry level position but we’re eager to keep staff on year to year and find a position that fits their skill set. 


Previous farming experience is an asset, but not necessary if you can show that you are dexterous, observant and have a positive attitude!

To apply send your resume and cover letter to

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