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Farm Tree planting and new store hours!

Roots and Shoots Tree Planting- Third times a charm! We had a great time with our lovely volunteers for the last two Fridays working on our farm tree planting project- putting in 1034 trees of several different species to build hedgerows that increase biodiversity, prevent erosion and sequester carbon. A big win win win! We have another 200 or so to plant and we would love your help: Tomorrow, Friday October 15th from 9-4, come for the morning, afternoon or the whole day. Bring a shovel and sturdy boots, we’ll have hot soup, cake and coffee at lunchtime. Also enjoy a discount in our shop as a thank you!

Please RSVP to if you would like to join us

New store hours as of this week:

Thursday 1-3:30pm

Friday 1-5pm

Saturday 10-3pm