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Third Fall Basket: Watermelon Radishes!

This is the Third Fall Share Pickup!!

What's in your share

Choice of 5 Quarts of:  Parsnips, Potatoes, Watermelon Radish, Onions, Carrots

also:  Small cabbage bag of greens from Chapeau Melon leeks Squash choice of herbs 

Greens Share: Roots and Shoots Spinach Mushroom share: Mixed le Coprin Mushrooms

Remember to check your Farmigo account to find the address and date of your pickup. You can also access the online farmstore to add extra local goods to your basket (which you pick up at the same location as your share). We have lots of Against the Grain corn chips, extra squash, farm eggs and more!

Watermelon radish is so good! It is sweet with not to much heat. It's flesh is a lot firmer than regular radish so it holds up well in salads and marinades. It is also beautiful! I love to spiralize mine and make a pretty salad. Here's a website with lots of ideas for watermelon radish:

Join our CSA only Facebook page for tips from other CSA members! One of our members posted this picture of beautiful beet chips. She also posted instructions! 

Join here:

The Christmas market at Landsdowne building starts this weekend! It will run Saturday and Sunday for four weekends. It's a great place to get all your presents and food for the holiday season!! If you haven't been, you should definitely try to make it out for one of the markets. It is very festive and fun! There is parking underground and you can offset the cost by buying at one of the stores (ie. stock-up on milk at Wholefoods or wine at the LCBO). 

Come by and stock-up and says hi to your farmers! We will all be taking a turn!

We still have lots of floral mosaics and floral mosaic pieces for DIY projects. If your interested, email us and we'll hook you up! A little taste of the garden on these dark November days.

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