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Harvest Season with a Capital H

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

In this newsletter:

  • What is happening at the farm?

  • Other news and events

  • Fall CSA

  • Farm store and what is available this week

  • Weekly farm fun fact

What is happening at the farm?

There we go folks! We made it to Fall! Well almost... Can you tell its my favourite season? It is officially Harvest season with a capital H. Most days I find it challenging to fit all our fresh produce on the farm store shelves which is a very fun challenge to have. Here are some excited highlights from the last week:

We harvested all our squash! Over 8 varieties ! I love squash harvest because it is a mix between an Easter egg hunt, a foot ball game and farming. First we go through harvesting the squash which involves finding them amongst the leaves, then we make a tossing chain to get them into the bins. Needless to say we had some fun in the fields!

Up next, our big ginger harvest! Those babes have been growing for nearly 9 months. Nothing better than fresh ginger am I right?!

In other news, it's time to make hot sauce and we have you covered if you're looking for bulk quantities. We have jalapeño, habanero and banana peppers so come on by the farmstore!

Finally, it's time to soak up on all the corn and watermelon as their season is coming to an end!

Other News and Events

Announcing Squash Fest!

Join us on Saturdays from 10h-3h from now until October 14th to celebrate Autumn / squash / harvest season! Come guess the weight of our largest funkiest squash for a chance to win a prize from our farmstore. We have a variety of squashes including fun decorative ones and delicious rich coloured edible squash!

We'll have coffee and baked goods so drop by for a treat while enjoying the farmscape and come chat squash and all things fall harvest. And don't forget to guess the weight of the squash!

Saturdays from 10h-3h, September 23rd to October 14th.

Wreath Making Workshops

Join us at the farm for a celebration of creativity and wreath season. We have a variety of colourful dried flowers and other materials to create your own wreath or centerpiece.

1) Saturday, September 23, 10:30-12:30

2) Friday September 29, 3:30-5:30

$114.95 (includes tax and all supplies)

To reserve your spot please email

Masham Mange!

Also! We will be at the Masham Harvest party Sunday September 24th from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Come and join the fun!

Location: in Masham (between the town hall and the library, at 1, rue Principale Ouest),

Info: there will be a community celebration around local food! Join us to discover local products, interesting initiatives related to food and gardening, and to chat with your neighbours! Food on site and fun in sight! Welcome everyone! Come with your family and invite your friends! Also bring your garden surpluses and perennials that you wish to exchange: there will be a table dedicated to exchanges! See the poster below:

Fall CSA

(repeat of last weeks blurb pardon me!:

We still have bit of room in our Fall CSA program which begins in November. Weekly or bi-weekly veggie boxes until the new year! Perks of our program include:

  • Fresh greens and herbs from our electric greenhouse

  • Customizable orders with add-on options from our virtual farm store

  • 9 drop-off locations

  • Home delivery option

  • Flexible payment plans

  • Pause your subscription an unlimited amount of times

Contents of the box include: spinach, arugula, salad mix, lettuce, bok choy, squash (butternut, delicata, pie pumpkins and more!), onions, garlic, leeks, carrots, beets, parsnip, rutabaga, turnip, cabbages, kale, chard, watermelon radish, radish, potatoes, fresh herbs (thyme, rosemary, sage, parsley, cilantro, dill) and more!

Farm store and what is available this week

Newly featured:

  • Broccoli!

  • shishito peppers

  • Hakurei turnip

  • Squash : butternut, delicata, tetsukabuto, and more!

  • Decorative pumpkins

  • Rosemary

  • Sage

  • Thyme

  • Farm-made lacto-fermented kohlrabi and pickles!

  • Colleen's farm salsa

  • Colleen's tomato soup!!

Also available:

Cantaloup, watermelon, corn, celery, garlic, beets, carrots, kohlrabi, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, eggplant, zucchini, field cucumber, mint, dill, flat parsley, curly parsley, cilantro, basil, Thai Basil, thyme, rosemary, sage, napa cabbage, caraflex cabbage, kale, chard, head lettuce, peppers, hot peppers including Jalapeño, habanero and banana peppers, arugula, salad mix, spinach, and onions, green peppers, ground cherries and more!

Flower season is winding down... but do not fret, we have dried flower bouquets as well as fresh ones!

Weekly farm fun fact!

Delicata squash is pretty special because it has a very tender skin. You can eat the entire squash skin included!

Keeping in touch

Our new farm-store hours are

  • Wednesday-Friday 11h-5h

  • Saturday 10h-3h

*Check us out on Facebook and instagram to get a daily glimpse of the Roots and Shoots Farm life.

Happy harvest to all!

-The Roots and Shoots Farm Team

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