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Oniontastic, talonted and Other Onion Puns...

In this newsletter:

What is happening at the farm?

Last week we planted soooo many onions. 22 beds x 300 ft at 3 rows each and six varieties so naturally we were all throwing around 'punions'. A big shoutout to our wonderful team who braved the sun as the pace really picks up again. Back to 7:30AM start for us! We also planted a brand new strawberry patch, along with swiss chard, salad mix, lettuce and herbs. With the hot sun, everything needs to be irrigated as soon as it gets planted so you will find us pulling various irrigation lines all over the farm.

Below: The team planting onions and our tractor waterwheel set-up which allows us to make holes, water, and plant efficiently.

A big shout out to our incredible volunteers who helped us with the big project of extending our 4th greenhouse (featured below). Thank you for braving the heat with us!