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Yummy Options for your CSA Basket

Roots and Shoots ain't just a curated delivery of fresh, customizable, local, super-delicious and nutritious veggies! No we have OPTIONS!!!

Check our new FAQ page for all the info on how to add options or subscriptions to your CSA delivery

The CSA is starting next week and there is still time to add in your favourite options to your share, like:

New: Jess' Seasonal Flower Share

Add an explosion of beauty to your delivery with Jess' Seasonal Flower Share. Lasting 10 weeks (or 5 weeks biweekly) get the nicest flowers in the region, hand selected by Jess. Between 1 and 5 bunches of flowers (depending on the progression of the season), which you can sort into your own lovely bouquet. $20/week

New: The Organic Sourdough Bread Share

Boulangerie Marcel makes a local-grain, artisanal sourdough loaf, baked fresh the morning of your CSA delivery. Each week experience a unique artisanal loaf made with locally grown, organic grains (from 1847 Stone Milled Flours in Fergus, Ontario). $7.50/week

Le Coprin Mushrooms

A perrenial hit with Roots and Shoots CSA members, this is a variety of locally grown, organic mushrooms curated by our friend Christophe at Le Coprin, which is just down the road from the farm. Receive 200g of mixed mushrooms, May include Shitake, Oyster, Lions Mane, Cinnamon Cap, Winter Mushroom, King Oyster. - $8.75/week

Roots and Shoots Greens Share

Bagged Salad Greens (salad mix, arugula, spinach, baby kale, etc) are a high-value, high-labour item. We generally include them in the very early baskets of the season, but we stop after the first couple of weeks. If you want to ensure that you receive fresh salad greens with every delivery, then the Greens Share is for you! Each week we take only the best quality and freshest greens and bag them up. May include Spinach, lettuce mix, arugula, salad greens, baby kale. $6.00/week.

Bekings Eggs

What can we say? A dozen certified organic, free-range eggs with your basket each week, fresh from Bekings farm just South of Ottawa!! $9.50/week

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