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Spring in bloom

Flowers are blooming, kids are in t-shirts, and pizza in the treehouse is a reasonable proposition. It's almost summer! Along with that comes a tidal wave of work on the farm as we navigate the stormy spring weather for those few ideal field work days. Yesterday was perfect for plowing* and planting, and the whole team got our full quote of Vitamin D while we prepped the farm for your impending CSA deliveries.

Trampoline season is here!

CSA is coming!

Only 5 weeks until the first share starts, and we're very excited about the season ahead. As you can see from the pics, the fields look great, the tomatoes are going to be ready for the first basket, and we're adding more pickup locations to help make it easier to get our veggies! This year our baskets will all be customizable each week, and we'll be pre-packing all of our wednesday baskets so you'll know you'll get precisely what you ordered!

New wednesday locations coming:

  • New Edinburgh

  • Vanier

  • Old Ottawa South

  • Hendrick Farm

The Plant Sale has been a tonne of fun!

We've been selling our beautiful organic transplants for two weeks now, and we'll keep going til the end of May. Consider coming out to not only stock up on plants, but see your farmers, check out the greenhouses, have a sourdough cinammon roll, and check out all the great ferments that Jess' mom has been pumping out!

How about a trip to the farm for plants, peonies and daffodils for that very special mom in your life this Saturday!!

Sourdough organic cinnamon rolls, are you kidding me??!!

We'd love to see you at the plant sale this Saturday!

More Farm Pics!

Callah and Kat getting ready to plant some cabbage!

Matt has been busy fertilizing the fields with his 1984 International 274!

Matt's tractor

Lys driving the transplanter on the ol' Landing

The first onions planted in the field!

Kat dropping the mic, but with lettuce

Hannah and her baby (kale)

Matt the carrot bagging master


Apple blossoms from the farmhouse porch



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