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This weekend at the farm!

Updated: May 11, 2021

It's been another big week on the farm with more of our team coming on board.

There are some returning faces and some new ones that bring with them diverse skills and great attitudes. The to-do list is long so we're pumped to have such a great group to tackle it! See some photos from the week below :)

We're happy to announce our SEEDLING SALE next weekend- Friday May 14th from 1-5pm and Saturday and Sunday May 15th and 16th from 10am-3pm. Sturdy organic seedlings to build your own home garden that you can enjoy all summer. Tomatoes of every size and colour, peppers, eggplants, greens, herbs, flowers and more. We'll have tables outside the shop loaded up and we'll be on hand to answer all your gardening questions.

The farm shop will also be open this weekend Friday 1-5 and Saturday and Sunday 10-3, we'll be stocked up with salad mix, bunched kale, scallions and bok choy, lots of farm eggs, freshly roasted Equator coffee, some yummy freezer goods from local Wakefield gems Pipolinka and Café Hibou and lots more.

Willow planting cut lettuce

So much lettuce!!

Barry calibrating the new drop spreader

Caleb seeding greens!

Tim getting ready to plant beets on Big Blue

The team planting onions, at super speed!

And to end on a super positive note- our staff have been so lucky to start booking their vaccines this week, along with many of our customers. This has us all breathing a big sigh of relief and looking forward to a big farm shindig to reconnect in the future :)

Have an awesome week everyone!

The Roots and Shoots Farm Team

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