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Your veg is growing!

What's going on:

  • Last week of the seedling sale this Saturday!!

  • Crops are going in at lightning pace

  • Tomatoes and cukes are fruiting in the greenhouse

  • CSA starts in 4 weeks!!!

  • Sign up now if you haven't yet!

  • Scroll down for a sweet gallery and 3 videos!!!

The barn swallows, the farm team, and the veggies are all back!!!

Well everything is going at warp speed here on the farm now. With all the instant May heat, we've been able to get the fields worked up, fertilized, and planting has begun. The tomatoes, eggplants, beans and cukes are taking off like crazy, and the team is back into it with fervour! Our team is 100% returnees from last year with the sole exception of Andrea our new pack manager. Please take a minute to click through the gallery of our weeks work below! And below that there's a couple videos of the farm.

PHOTO GALLERY - Click the arrows to see all the photos!

And a few videos!!!

Here's a little timelapse edit of the Ally, Tara, Matt and Kat planting onions like total Bosses. They finished off the whole field in just 3 days. Leeks too!

Check out this video of the new sitting and CSA u-pick garden! We are slowly adding native plants and trees, and there will be treats for CSA members, including flowers, ground cherries, etc!

And finally, a little shot of your garlic, lovingly tended by Matt on the old international tractor with his tine weeder. Pretty weed free. . . for now!!

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