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Fall Baskets and a Barn Dance!

This Saturday, our first ever barn dance, complete with musicians and a caller!

Next Week, the fall baskets begin! Read on for pics of the greenhouses and info on what will be in the share!

Fall Basket Greens SLIDESHOW

Swipe through these photos of the all the awesome greens we have growing for the fall share in our newly heated greenhouses. That plus the beautiful kale and parsley still growing in the field.

Not a boring fall share:

We know, most of you are probably thinking that the fall share is gonna be all beets and radishes, but nothing can be farther from the truth!

The veggies that will be gracing the fall share (at some point)

​Greens: baby lettuce bag of spinach bag of greens kale bunch cilantro bunch curly parsley cabbage

Alliums: scallions Red and Yellow onions Shallots Garlic Leeks

Roots: carrots beets parsnips potatoes radish rutabaga

Also: celeriac ginger winter squash

Custom Boxes!!??!!

Each week we'll pre-fill your account with ten items (a quart of carrots, or a pint of radishes is 1 item, as is a bunch of kale, a bag of spinach, or a winter squash). Once you've received the weekly contents email, you can go and remove and add items to your share. Don't like beets? No problem, get double carrots instead! Want extra kale? Just sacrifice that garlic you're not as into.

*** Some items will be limited to 1 per member, and not every item will be available each week of the share.

A little video of the carrot harvest that filled our coolers with your fall carrots!

Online farmstore for the win!

If you need extra veggies (more than 10 items) anything extra is just charged to your account (credit card required). Just like in the summer, you are not charged until after your box has been delivered, and only after and credits on your account have been used up.

100% vacation

Can't make it to every pickup? No problem, just place a vacation hold (by monday morning of the week you can't make it), and you'll be credited the full amount for your box that week. Use the credit for online farmstore purchases or towards future subscriptions!

Home delivery or pickup locations:

We've arranged for delivery locations in all the same neighbourhoods of the summer share. And if you live downtown, home delivery is available!

Wednesday Pickup Locations




Ottawa South

Thursday Pickup Locations:

The Farm




*** all shares have a $3 weekly packing fee to cover custom packing and the cardboard box. Home delivery is another $10 weekly.

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