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FarmHope is ready for you!

Jess and Justin (Emily's beau) have created a really fun, free walking-tour of the farm, complete with informative posters at 19 different spots to help decode what is going on with our crazy veggie production! This is a great, Covid-safe weekend getaway for your whole family, and a great excuse to check out our new store. We've got picnic tables and lots of snacking items, including Maude's Exclusive Patisseries on Saturday morning, organic sausage and cheeses, kombucha, Against the grain chips, and all of our yummy veggies. We will be open Sundays until the end of September!!!

When: 10am-4pm Saturday-Sunday until the end of September (or until the weather turns)

Where: 115 Chemin de la Beurrerie, Ste Cecile de Masham, Qc

What's available: A great, free walking tour, plus:

  • Coffee

  • Juice

  • Home-made pastries Saturday morning

  • Picnic items, like organic cheeses, baguettes, Saucisson Sec,

  • Kombucha

  • Ground cherries and cherry tomatoes

  • All your favourite vegetables

  • Squash

  • And grocery items like frozen organic beef, sausages, fish, roasted tomatoes, Jess' salsa, sauerkraut, etc!!!

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