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Gift Boxes, Wreaths...and carrots of course!

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

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Although it may be a bit early to be talking about the holidays, we are embracing the balsam and holly boughs and smells of clove and nutmeg because, well... 2020. And yes, we are also harvesting and washing vegetables, our mainstay. But emails about washing carrots every week gets a bit dull :).

Gift Boxes and Christmas Cheer on the Farm!

We are wrapping buildings and trees in lights and preparing for our outdoor wreath bar, set to open next weekend, November 27th (Friday 10-5pm). We'll be open every weekend until Christmas, with a crackling fire and (tasteful) Christmas music blaring and festive boughs for you to put together your own holiday centrepieces and wreaths. You choose your foliage and wreath base to take home and make in the safety of your house! We will have cedars, pine, spruce, ilex (winterberry), holly, dogwood and eucalyptus. We also have wreath bases, wires and ribbons for sale. and will send you home with instructions.

We also have lots of premade wreaths for sale ranging from $25-$100.

Depending on COVID regulations, we will have vegan hot chocolate available so you can cup your hands around something warm.

Our store is open Thursday, Saturday and Sunday 10-5pm and Friday 10-3pm