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Mid Summer Bounty!

Well folks, we've reached the halfway mark of our CSA season and the bounty is in full swing. Late August marks the time where we peak for the harvest of summer fruits- tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, watermelons (!) and zucchini while starting to turn our attention to the fall crops about to come in- carrots, onions, squash and the like. It's a good thing we've such abundant food to keep up with our appetites, the summer hustle makes for hungry farmers!

Fruits wearing hats. Gets us every time.

This weekend in the farm store, all the fruits! Watermelons aplenty- the very sweet red fleshed Sugar Baby and the yellow fleshed Baby Doll. Also the ground cherries are starting to come in (for now we're picking them but stay tuned for details on pick your own!)

And for those keen to get their canning hats on, we have lots of roma tomatoes, pickling cucumbers, peppers and beans. A little effort now makes for a big pay off in the cold winter months!

Our Roasted Tomato Salsa, restocked and so darn good!

We've been working away at our own canned goods for the shop- roasted tomato salsa and garlic turmeric chili oil to start with lots more to come.

The pick your own flower patch just keeps on kicking with loads of cosmos, zinnias, marigolds and more. Come and pick your own farm bouquet, the colours are stunning and flowers are good for the soul!

Lastly- broccoli lovers, rejoice! The first of our broccoli has just come in and they look GREAT. The shop is open Friday 1-5 and Saturday and Sunday 10-3.

Beautiful Zinnias in the pick-your-own patch

Willow so happy about the ground cherries!

Tomato love!

Tim bringing in the first of the broccoli!!

Sometimes carrots need a hug too!

Sugar Baby and Baby Doll watermelon- red and yellow fleshed!

Enjoy the summery weather and happy eating!

The Roots and Shoots Farm Team

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