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Plant sale This Saturday!


We’re bringing out the plants!

While we are a few weeks away from “last frost date” we'll be selling plants this Saturday! We will be selling plants every Saturday until they sell out!

All our varieties are selected based on production and more importantly GREAT TASTE!!!

A complete list of what’s for sale is below

This week we’ll bring out the hardier herbs like thyme, rosemary, sage, parsley and chives. We also have lettuce, rhubarb, wild violets and chard. We’ll have tomatoes, basil, nasturtiums and eggplants for sale. You will have to keep them protected from frost, but they’re beautiful and isn’t it fun to start early :)... but actually, May is next WEEK!!!!???

And although we don't have everything a nursery would have, our neighbours at Les Serres Bourgeon Greenhouses do!!!

We will also have:

  • a variety of our cut-flowers and perennial tubers for sale! Not all of them are ready this week, but will be available in the next couple of weeks. Eucalyptus, lisianthus, zinnia, delphinium and more!

  • Someone with farm experience (either Jess, Robin or Katherine) working at the store to offer plant advice!

  • Bean-Fair coffee on tap and organic sweet treats for sale.

Make a day of it! We have picnic tables and you can walk around the farm. Or you can stop by Gatineau park for a hike and swing by Wakefield for a meal!

Plants for sale


2x3inch pots=$4

4 inch pots= $6

Smaller packs- $4-8

Perennials, tubers - $5-10

Bouquet pack (6) -$8

Bouquet pack (12)- $15


Basil, Rutgers Devotion (a genovese type with downy mildew resistance!)

Thai Basil (a long lasting basil with great flavour)




Nasturtium (a deliciously peppery plant with lily-pad leaves and showy orange flowers. All parts of the plant are edible)

Chives (perennial, Z3)

Lavender , Munstead (perennial, Z 5)

Curly parsley


Pole beans, Northeaster (Flattened, pale green pods on tall, vigorous vines)

Napa (delicious tender cabbage, great for salads and traditionally used in kimchi)

Tomatoes (indeterminate)

-Caiman (reliable round slicer)

-Marsalato (ribbed marmande type, bred in Italy)

-Sungold (delicious golden cherry)

-Plum Perfect (sweet paste)

-Tomimaru Muchoo (pink slicer)

-Beorange (gorgeou orange slicer)

Chard, Silverado White and Charbell pink


-Orient Express (High-yielding, slender, tender long fruit)

-Michal (excellent yielding Italian type)

-Anina Fairy tale (gorgeous light purple and white striped, 5-7”, firm)

-little Finger (3-6”fruit, tender, easy to grow)

Flowers (all great for cutting and landscaping)

Zinnias (mixed Benary type, great for cutting all summer long)

Snapdragon, Rocket mix (great spring flower)


Foxgloves (mixed camelot series. tender perennial, likely will bloom first year. Needs covering to survive winter. Worth the effort for romantic towers of tiny bell-like flowers. Poisonous)

Rudbeckia (Indian summer & Sahara)

Eucalyptus, silverdrop.


Lisianthus (roselike flowers on branching spike-free stems)

Feverfew, magic single

Dianthus, Sweet purple bicolour (gorgeous, fragrant cool season cut flower)


Peonies, Bowl of Beauty and Sarah Bernhardt

Columbine, white

Delphinium, magic fountain mix (a gorgeously grand perennial that attracts pollinators. poisonous)

Echinacea ConeFlower, Cheyenne Spirit

Rhubarb, Glaskins Perennial (an English heirloom, never bitter. Zone 2)

Cut-Flower Packages (mix of 6 and 12 packs of flowers and fillers for cutting )

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