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Rain rain, Go away

Updated: Jul 4

In this newsletter:

  • The unstoppable rain

  • What's growing in the fields

  • The CSA: we love prepacking boxes!

  • The success of Peony Fest

  • Ikebana workshops

  • U-pick Flowers are back!

  • New shaded hangout area on the farm!

  • Devon's daily bread

We've all been on a high due to the heady scents of wild flowers and fields of peonies, the long days and the exciting potential of a new season.

But, to be honest, I hit a bit of a wall this weekend. It was only a knee-high wall, so I guess I've just hit my metaphorical shin, but it smarts. The endless rain isn't helping.

We had floods in most of our fields. It's starting to dry up a bit, but it's been a whirl wind of anxiety and pivoting. And all that rain came right after a very intense heat wave that was quite hard on the team.

We'll be fine. We always are, but it's not easy. The climate change wild cards are making this game more stressful year after year.

I'm not sharing this with you to complain.. but I do want to remind everyone how fragile our food system is and how hard your farm team is working! Your support  and buy in to the CSA and supporting our farmstore not only allows us to pay our team well but keeps our spirits buoyed! We're very proud to grow good food for you!

Our flooded fields

Field updates:

We've still managed to plant many different crops, including sweet corn, beans, field cucumbers, mint, basil, cabbage, lettuce and the weekly succession of greens and herbs. The greenhouses have turned into their seasonal jungles with tomatoes, cucumbers and pole beans reaching high above our heads. And we're always busy with the ongoing task of weeding the fields.

The rain washed out some of our herbs and greens so it was a bit of a scramble to get the numbers we needed this week. But we managed!

CSA Updates

We're four weeks into our summer CSA program with our new system of prepacking boxes for most of our drop-off locations. Our shares are customizable and as the season goes on there will be more options for our members to choose from. Let us know what you think so far of the new system! We really appreciate all your feedback as we continue to improve the program. And don't forget you can add-on fresh organic sourdough with each order using our online store or by signing up for the bread share. A few examples of customized boxes:

We know the prepacked boxes have been an adjustment for some of you! We really hope you take advantage of the customizable feature. We made this switch based on the needs of our employees. Matt was doing deliveries and CSA dropoffs last year and while he loved interacting with customers, it was just too long a day for him. He is a valuable member of our team and we wanted him on the farm more. We needed to simplify the delivery route so we could find suitable replacement for Matt and allow him to have a farm career that was sustainable.

We also want to say that our CSA coordinators that supported us during our market style heyday were amazing and we love them. Some of them are still there guiding you, and we're so grateful for them!


We had such a blast on June 15th for Peony Fest with three back to back music performances and the launching of our new shaded picnic area. Thank you all for joining us in your pink outfits!

The Odd Fellow's Orchestra played a great show at Peony fest!

We have two upcoming Ikebana workshops with Christianne! Saturdays July 27th and August 24th.

Farmstore Updates:

U-pick flower bouquets will begin in July. Bring your own cutters and containers if you have them. Jess planted dozens of varieties this year.

Lily, owner of Spyce Girlz Seasonings with her first U-pick flowers of the season!

Devon's fresh organic sourdough bread is now available every day in the farmstore. Devon delivers them straight from the oven right before we open from Wednesdays to Saturday. You'll find different varieties of loaves including semolina fennel, walnut and date, buttered oat and more. On Saturdays he brings cinnamon buns and other savoury and sweet baked goods. If you're looking for a calm place to enjoy a cup of coffee, a refreshing drink or a popsicle on Saturdays come check out our playground and shaded picnic area.

Excavating the area; staff lunch in the shade with a view; more events coming your way with this new space!

Available in the Farm store this week:

Summer schedule:

  • Wednesday - Friday 11h - 5h30

  • Saturdays 9h - 3h

**We are now open at 9AM on Saturdays, which is a great time to come pick your own flowers!

New offerings: 

  • Organic Meadow Dairy: milk, cream, greek and classic yoghurt, Kefir, cottage cheese, and ice cream.

  • Fresh organic sourdough bread from our Rupert neighbour Devon! He brings specialty loaves such as potato poppy seed, orange/cranberry, fennel seed, baguette, carrot/turmeric and more.

  • We replenished our supply of apple cider from Barkleys Orchard.

  • Seeds from Northern Seeds

  • Happy Pops Popsicles are back!!

  • Sweet and Savoury baked goods on Saturdays


  • Strawberries

  • Currants

  • Tomatoes

  • Cherry tomatoes

  • Cucumbers

  • Hot peppers (jalapeno, banana and shishito)

  • Eggplant


  • Salad mix/lettuce mix

  • Kale (3 varieties)

  • Chard

  • Head Lettuce

  • Endive

  • Bok choy


  • Radish

  • Hakurei turnip

  • Beets

  • Last of the parsnips

  • Potatoes from Ferme Pleines Saveurs


  • Basil

  • Mint

  • Cilantro

  • Dill

  • Parsley

  • Green onion

Other Veggies:

  • Beans (classic and broad)

  • Garlic scapes


  • A variety of herbs and flowers leftover from our seedling sale

Keeping in touch

Farm store Summer Schedule:

  • Wednesday - Friday 11h-5h30

  • Saturdays 9h-3h

*Check us out on Facebook and instagram to get a daily glimpse of the Roots and Shoots Farm life.

Thank you for reading along!

-The Roots and Shoots Farm Team

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