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Spring is Sprung and Granola Weekend!

It's been a SUPER early spring at the farm, with the sunny days lately feeling like early June instead of early April. In our neck of the woods we can often have loads of snow at this time so open and dry fields so early give us an awesome boost to the upcoming season (and the overall mood! Woo!)

There is lots to look forward to in the coming month: more and more veg going into the fields, new and old staff joining our team, a seedling sale (stay tuned!) and self guided tours starting in May for folks to (safely) visit the farm to see all the action. In the meantime come on out to the shop Friday 1-5pm and Saturday and Sunday 10-3pm, we'd love to see you! Granola is being baked by our friends from Ferme et Forêt in the shop this Sunday from 11-2, come by to stock up in bulk and save. From the greenhouses we've got freshly picked baby kale, spinach, arugula and green onions. Lots of free range eggs, local meats and more. Eating fresh and local in April, it's the best!

Robin pleased as punch to be getting out on the fields on April 12 with our brand new three bed cultivator!

The whole farm has been cultivated with this yellow beauty, so efficient! We're always looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint, this implement allows three times the work with the same amount of diesel. A big win!

Willow and Matt (the transplanting dream team) in the big greenhouse, putting in CSA beets!

The fields looking so green!

The tomatoes are planted! Who's looking forward to tomato sandwich season?? Bring on the mayo!

Hannen the seedling guru :) So many thousands of plants seeded and cared for by this guy, always with a big smile on his face!

Stay tuned for the date of our upcoming seedling sale in May, we'll have all the plants to set you up with a great home garden this year.

Fiona, the CSO (Chief Spinach Officer) keeping an eye on things

It's granola bake time in the shop this weekend!

Come meet our friends from neighbouring maple and wild edible farm Ferme et Forêt and stock up on their bulk granola- Honey or Maple, crunchy, tasty, nutty goodness! They'll be here on Sunday from 11-2, fill your own container and save $2/kg

Getting pretty full in here, hi Willow!

Wishing everyone a safe and happy weekend,

The Roots and Shoots Farm Team

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