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Strawberries and Peonies are here!!

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

This June heat wave has brought some of the best parts of spring to the farm- the peony patch is starting to burst with blooms and our strawberry patch is dotted with juicy red fruit. The stretch of weather has made for some hot hot days for our team and a huge job of irrigating all of the thousands of plants going into the field but these spring goodies (along with all the lovely greens we're starting to harvest!) make it all worthwhile!

We've got a fun and yummy weekend lined up at the farm- combo a trip to see us with a cool dip at nearby Lac Philipe in the Gatineau Park. Take a wander to snap some pics in the peony patch, munch on fresh organic strawberries, load up on bulk granola (our friends from Ferme et Forêt will be here baking the good stuff Sunday 11-2) and take advantage of our 20% off egg sale. We'll also have fresh greens from the farm- kale, spinach, head lettuce, radish, rhubarb and more. Nothing better in this heat than to get your salad on!

CSA members! Check your email this week for our "Everything you Need to Know" email that will fill you in on all the details for the beginning of the season. Let us know if you have any issues receiving it or if you have any questions about your upcoming share! The season is right around the corner and we can't wait!

Willow bringing in the 'barb!

Aly and Tara taking advantage of the cool morning for the greenhouse kale harvest

Tim heading out to the fields with the tine weeder, staying on top of the weeds!

Matt and Emma making quick work of the head lettuce

Caleb collecting salad mix with our greens harvester

Hannen seeding carrots like a pro!

Strawberries aplenty!

Wishing everyone a wonderful (and cooler!) weekend!

The Roots and Shoots Farm Team

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1 Comment

Tina Le Moine
Tina Le Moine
Jun 10, 2021

so pretty! coming to visit soon, border opening permitted

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