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Fall Prep at the Farm!

Every week of the season is action packed at the farm but the month of September presents its own particular hustle- wrapping up the summer crops, bringing in the fall bounty, planting cover crops, flipping greenhouses from tomatoes to winter greens, reorganizing barn and cold room storage to accommodate all the good veg coming in and planning for the fall and winter ahead....all this while our CSA is still in full swing for another five weeks. You get the idea- never a dull moment! We've been lucky thus far to avoid any frost but the deadline from Mother Nature isn't far off. We're lucky to have such an awesome, skilled and motivated team to pull off the long 'to-do' list each day. Thanks gang!

Farm News!

If you haven't yet signed up for our Fall Share-through November and December, we'll be delivering boxes of local, organic, seasonal veggies on a weekly or biweekly basis

All shares include access to our web store so that you can add local groceries to your delivery. It's a great chance to enjoy a bounty of fall veggies and local treats delivered straight to your door, grown and delivered by a committed team of great people and packed without without single-use plastics!

To get the details and access the registration page:


Our chickens have been doing a stand up job laying this year and we have a small surplus available for our CSA members on our online store. Farm fresh, free range, organic eggs- one of the best foods out there! The fridge is well stocked at the farm store as well!

Delicata lovers, rejoice! Squash season is upon us! Here's Ryan bringing in the squash goodness

While it won't win any beauty contests, the Peanut Pumpkin (Cucurbita maxima 'Galeux d'Eysine') is an heirloom pumpkin varietal notable for its distinctive peanut-like growths peppering the exterior of its pink hued rind. ... Yep, peanut pumpkin is more than edible; the flesh is sweet and delicious!

Big Blue bringing in Acorn and pie pumpkins, yummy!

Carrots out, rye and clover cover crop in

Beautiful cauliflower and romanesco broccoli. We always try to colour coordinate with our vegetables, like Théo!

CSA members have enjoyed two weeks of ground cherries in their share. We've had these beauties available for 'pick your own' at the farm as well, a fun activity for the kiddos!

Our 'pick your own' flowers have been a really great addition to the farm this year, we've all enjoyed seeing the colourful and creative bouquets that folks have put together. While it's starting to wind down there are still lots out there, as well as some flowers that lend themselves well to drying, like these strawflowers

And in the shop this weekend fresh ginger from our friends at Ferme Chapeau Melon. The taste and juiciness of fresh ginger compared to store bought is something else! We recommend popping it in the freezer and grating as you need, the skin of this ginger is tender and very edible!

The weather looks lovely this weekend, come on out for a farm tour, a snack and to stock up on all the goodies. The shop is open Friday 1-5 and Saturday and Sunday 10-3

115 Ch de la Beurrerie

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

The Roots and Shoots Farm Team

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