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Wreath workshops and Some Fall veggie tips

In this newsletter:

  • Tips for storing greens

  • kohlrabi and their greens!

  • Roasted veggie salads for the win!

  • New farmstore products

  • Wreath workshop coming on November 19th


We just wanted to remind you that greens need to be placed in a non-permeable container, like a tupperware or plastic bag. If they are wilted, you can place them in a bowl of cold water to rehydrate, but it’s best to place them in the container as soon as you get it in the house.

Kohlrabi plus their Greens

We’re sending kohlrabi with the greens this week. The Greens are similar to collards and kale and frost sweetened. If you want a quick fix, stir fry the greens with some eggs for a quick power breakfast.

Kohlrabi, if you’re not familiar, is technically a stem. It is similar to Broccoli stem, but way yummier. I trick my kid into eating it by calling it a field apple. It actually works. Kohlrabi is a great snack but also good in a slaw or roasted. Salt and vinegar add some yum too!

Roast Salads

My favourite, easiest meal is roasted veggies! I do a big batch at the beginning of the week and have leftovers for lunch. Roast salads are quite easy and delicious. The best dressing for it is:

1 Tbsp tahini

Juice of ½ lemon

Good pinch of salt

Tsp mustard

2 TBLS olive oil

Some cold water (about a tablespoon.. just to loosen tahini and make it creamy)

I whisk the dressing in the bowl I’ll be making a salad. Field kale is a bit tough but sweet and, when chopped finely, a perfect vehicle for a heavy dressing like this one. Topped with some roasted carrots or beets or squash or even radish, this makes a great meal. Finish it with some roasted squash or sunflower seeds.

Farm WebStore:

Colleen's been hard at work making some incredibly flavourful sauces and condiments that will rock your culinary world! We’ve also updated the online store with some fantastic, local products, including seasonal chocolates from Hummingbird and specialty cheeses from small, local producers in Quebec.

Jess' beautiful wreaths (see below) are also available on the store!

Wreath Workshops

We’re having two wreath workshops coming up! We’ll be holding them in our seedling greenhouse, where there's space and warmth from the sun! Our dried flower wreath workshop will be on November 19th from 1-3pm. Our Holiday Wreath Workshop will be November 19th from 10:00-12:00pm. Not only will you get a couple of nice hours in the warm greenhouse, you’ll come away with your very own Wreath!

Be sure to buy your tickets before we sell out!

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